Awassi and Icelandic Homestead Sheep

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At Willowdale Ecofarm in Lewisburg, Ohio, we raise Icelandic and Awassi sheep.

Icelandic Sheep are known as a 3-purpose sheep, famous for producing milk, wool and meat alike, making them a perfect sheep for homesteaders and spinners looking for a small flock that can meet all their needs.  Icelandic sheep come in many gorgeous colors, so in a small flock you can have multiple colors of natural wool to choose from, making Icelandic wool a special delight for spinners and knitters.

Awassi sheep are a middle eastern breed of fat-tailed sheep.  They’re one of the top dairy sheep breeds in the world, but they are also a 3-purpose sheep, having a very long coat of thick but soft carpet wool and producing the fat-tail lambs that are desired all over the world.    Awassi are a very hardy breed, resistant to parasites and comfortable in all climates, from New Mexico to Wisconsin.  They’re also curious and smart, and so they’re easy to work with.

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